A Little Friendly Competition

If you’ve been on a Ball State tour, you’ve probably heard that one residence hall is better than another. While I beg to differ, this past Saturday saw teams from every residence hall on campus jump into the Hall Wars competition to prove that their building is the best of the best.

The Hall Wars event was put on by Ball State’s Residence Hall Association. You’ve probably heard me mention them before, because they’re a pretty awesome organization for you to know about as you live on-campus for at least your first year as a student. The theme for Hall Wars this year was “Hall Wars – Witchcraft and Wizardry,” and since you guys are part of this same generation, then you probably know that it meant everyone was decked out for Harry Potter-style events.

Meet the Weasley family
Used w/ permission

We spent the day going on a scavenger hunt for Horcruxes and tracking down one of the RHA exec members themed as Sirius Black. I ended up needing to dive into the pool of Ball Gym like in the fourth Harry Potter book to retrieve a “precious item” representative of my building, DeHority Complex. Different members participated in the Quidditch relay race with a broom between their legs or did “wizard dueling” atop a giant inflatable platform.

Friendly competition was encouraged. We had a blast even though we came in fourth place by a mere two points. Still, DeHority’s team seemed to have a ton of fun–and the best part is that we almost had¬†too many¬†people wanting to be on the team, which didn’t seem likely until the last minute.

So we had some fun, some team-building activities, some strategic thinking activities, and above all a chance to share in the camaraderie of our building with people that I normally wouldn’t have had a chance to hang out with. And, if you’re a new student on campus in the fall, you’ll be living in the res-halls. Maybe this post will give you a chance to get in on some Hall Wars fun in case you would have missed it before!


Any questions? Leave ‘em in the comments or shoot them to me on Twitter (@hrlambright)! I’ll be back soon with more awesome stuff from BSU!

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